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Can you be sure that your current Profit Protection strategy is effective?

Now we all know the answer to this question:
If you leave a rotten apple among your healthy apples, what happens next?

The disease will spread quickly and rot the good apples, the same can be said of the dishonest employee, he or she will have a negative impact through their influence of others.

Employee theft, external theft, administrative errors, damages, vendor fraud and faulty goods are just some of the contributors of shrinkage, but theft and fraud is only part of the problem, other contributors will also have a significant impact on your organisation: rapidly spiralling and eroding your bottom line.

Are your policies and procedures adequate and fit for purpose whilst aligning responsibilities and accountability? If the answer is no, you could well be inadvertently contributing to increased levels of shrinkage.

What can you do to improve your organisation's profitability?

While many experts offer detailed and complex analysis of a shrinkage problem, we get straight to the crux of the matter, answering the questions What, When, Why, Who and how?

We'll provide you with a tailored strategy that suits your business, your model, and your way of working. Our meticulous and methodical preventative approach will help to significantly reduce the likelihood of theft, fraud or unexplained losses from occurring in your organisation.

At Pax Animi, we want to be part of your success story, operating in the background, helping to improve profitability through effective shrinkage management.

How does your organisation's Profit Protection Strategy stack up?

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