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Commercial Investigation Services

"There is only one way to find out if a man is honest - ask him". (Groucho Marx).

Our founding director has extensive experience in the retail sector, working as a Loss Prevention Manager at varying levels for over 20 years, he has conducted many detailed investigations into unexplained losses, employee theft, fraud and other dishonesty, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

We are fully conversant with the many counter-productive work behaviours that can manifest at any level of an organisation, those employed on the shop floor as well as drivers, supervisors, managers and yes, your senior Directors, we have seen it all.

Do you suspect internal theft and/or fraud from one or more of your distribution centres, or one of your stores?

Do you have a member of your field management team who is never where they say they are?

Do you have employees who are long term absent, yet you believe they are working elsewhere, maybe cash in hand... and maybe for a competitor?

Do you suspect that one or more of your senior team are setting up in business themselves, moonlighting, taking your clients, your top sales person, maybe even intellectual property and who knows what else?

Sadly, it does not stop there!

How many employee and/or public liability claims do you currently have ongoing?

Do you suspect one or more employees are engaged in bringing a fraudulent personal injury claim against your organisation?

Personal injury claims can be very costly indeed, increasing your insurance premium significantly with untold reputational damage for your organisation, further resulting in lost revenue!

What if an employee is off sick for several weeks and/or months, even the lightest of slips, trips and falls can provide a dishonest employee with the window of opportunity to initiate an exaggerated/fraudulent injury claim.

We have the skill, knowledge and expertise to conduct a full and detailed investigation into the myriad of counter-productive work behaviours exhibited by a dishonest employee!

There is no doubt that our Covert Surveillance Services can provide you with the irrefutable evidence you need to take back control putting you back into a position of strength, being able to present irrefutable evidence to the authorities, employment tribunal, or simply for your internal investigation and disciplinary proceedings is priceless!

We can go where your internal security and loss prevention teams cannot.

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