Cheating Partner Investigation

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Cheating Partner Investigation

It is an unfathomable prospect to consider that your spouse or partner is cheating on you, no one wants to believe for a second that their partner is having an affair, the sense of betrayal would be overwhelming.

Often, an unsuspecting spouse or partner will catch a cheating partner by accident, it is only then that one connects the dots: those tell tale signs you disregarded and the power of hindsight come together.

The reality is we trust our spouse implicitly, and rightly so, which is why it is so very painful to acknowledge and accept your spouse or partner is cheating.

If those tell tale signs are there, and you have that sickening gut feeling that something is wrong, you are probably right.

Why does a partner cheat?

There is no simple answer to this, unfortunately. One thing is for certain: if it is causing you unnecessary heartache, illness, anxiety and stress, then it is time to acknowledge that you must do something about it.

How Can We Help You?

We understand that talking to an investigator can be an uncomfortable experience. Sharing your suspicions about your spouse or partners suspected infidelity is extremely difficult. We are experts at listening and we will guide you through the process carefully.

Be assured, our primary aim is to put you at your ease and we are committed to speaking to you in a sensitive and respectful manner.

Once we have heard your case and gathered all the relevant facts, we will advise you how the investigation will be conducted, the more information you can provide us with from the outset, the better.

Each case is different, therefore the scope and dynamics of the investigation will be discussed and authorised by you prior to us continuing with your instruction.

We will present you with a cost effective strategy that we feel would be best suited to your circumstances, it is highly likely that we would utilise a GPS tracking device in the first instance, allowing us to gather intelligence regarding the subjects movements.

We would then look to impose our Covert Surveillance Services on the subject in question. The number of operators required may vary dependent on the case specifics.

We will use the most up-to-date technologies available, e.g. covert cameras and other technical surveillance aids, alongside highly trained operators using a combination of cars, vans and motorcycles (where applicable) to impose effective covert surveillance on a subject.

When we have completed our investigation, you will receive a detailed investigation report, complete with surveillance logs and irrefutable date- and time-stamped photographic and/or video evidence that is admissible in court.

The investigation report will also include detailed information about your spouse or partners activities, movements, whereabouts and behaviours, including who they meet, where they met, what they were doing, how long they were there for and any other relevant information.

All of our Covert Surveillance Services are conducted by professional, highly skilled investigators who operate within the parameters of the law and to strict codes of conduct. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

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Signs a partner may be cheating on you.

There are many subtle, tell-tale signs that your spouse or partner may be hiding something from you. Identifying one or two on their own does not mean they are cheating on you, but here are some signs that may indicate your partner is lying to you:


Does your partner guard their phone like their life depends on it?
Do they take their phone everywhere with them, even to the toilet?
Does your partner use their phone or computer a lot more frequently?
Is your partner's device now password protected, but never used to be?
Does your partner panic or become angry and/or agitated if you attempt to look at their phone?
Does your partner have an increased presence on social media platforms?
Does your partner delete their browser history?

Phone calls & Text messages:

Does your partner answer calls and then quickly move away from your immediate vicinity?
Does the conversation sound odd, with yes or no answers throughout the conversation?
Does your partner receive sporadic text messages at odd times, such as late in the evening?
When you ask 'who was that?', do you get the brush off?
Have you ever asked to see your partner's phone only to be told 'No'?

You can't get a hold of your partner?

Does your partner regularly ignore your calls and texts?
Do you regularly hear one of the following excuses for not answering a call?
• The signal must have been poor.
• I was in a meeting and I couldn't answer the phone.
• Sorry, I was driving.
• I didn't have my phone with me.

Other considerations

You don't know where your partner is.
Your partner isn't where they said they would be.
Your partner isn't doing what they said they were doing.
Is your partner deceptive about why their plans changed?
Does your partner become agitated when you challenge them about why their plans changed?
Does your partner keep the details of their whereabouts to themselves?

Has their general behaviour and/or appearance changed dramatically?
Does your partner look standard around you, but makes a considerable effort to dress up for work and/or a night out/event?
Has your partner invested in a new wardrobe, including new underwear, out of the blue?
Does your partner make a conscious effort to go to the gym where previously never did?
Does your partner behave aggressively towards you for no apparent reason?
Are you being pushed away?
Your partner doesn't make a fuss if you are going out, when previously they did?

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