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Mobile Number Tracing

Are you increasingly suspicious of calls to your spouse's or partner's mobile? Are you receiving unsolicited nuisance calls or texts at varying times of the day or night?

Receiving regular calls or texts from an unknown number isn't normal and there are nearly always underlying issues to consider:

• You believe that your spouse or partner may be cheating on you.

• You fear you are a victim of stalking and harassment

• Someone is trying to scam and elicit money from you.

• You are being trolled and the individual is causing you distress and upset.

• Your spouse or partner is in trouble with loan sharks and owes money.

• Maybe your spouse/partner is being blackmailed and hiding it from you.

• Maybe you just want to check the identity of someone you've met online

• Are you receiving hateful texts from an unknown source?

Mobile - Landline Trace Instruction

Complete the Mobile - Landline Trace Instruction Form and we will do the rest.

How we can help?

It is important to note that you must provide us with the lawful reason for requesting this information - this is usually your legitimate interest.

We understand that talking to an investigator can be an uncomfortable experience and that sharing your suspicions is difficult. We are experts at listening carefully and respectfully and will guide you through the process with ease.

To conduct a mobile / landline trace you will need to provide us with the offending number. We will ask you some additional questions so that we can help you to identify the person who is responsible for making regular unsolicited calls to your spouse, partner or to your mobile device or landline.

We will complete the number trace for you on the same day and provide you with the full name and address of the person responsible. Our number-tracing service is fully compliant with GDPR and data protection laws and does not leave a digital footprint.

All of our investigations are conducted by a professional, highly skilled investigators who operate within the parameters of the law and to strict codes of conduct. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

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