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Covert Surveillance Services

If you are currently experiencing adversity in your private life, specifically, family matters such as divorce, child custody, cohabiting, a suspected cheating partner or even a long standing neighbour dispute, we understand that it can be difficult to maintain focus and build resilience during such this emotionally challenging time.

You must remain positive, you have the freedom to choose your response to the adversity you face, therefore, choose wisely. In nearly all cases you will need to gather evidence to corroborate your suspicions, prove or disprove a claim, or simply obtain peace of mind and/or closure.

Our covert surveillance services are utilised for the purpose of gathering irrefutable evidence in a myriad of circumstances that include but are not limited to the following investigations:

Infidelity - Cheating spouse/partner.
Child Custody.
Child Maintenance.
Neighbour Disputes.
Anti-Stalking and Harassment.
Subletting and House of Multiple Occupancy.
Fly Tipping.
• Much more.

How can our covert surveillance services help you?

We understand that talking to an investigator can be an uncomfortable experience. Sharing your suspicions about your spouse in private family circumstances is very difficult. We are experts at listening respectfully, and we will guide you through the process. You can be assured, our primary aim is to put you at your ease and we are committed to speaking to you in a sensitive and sympathetic manner.

Our covert surveillance services is work is bound by strict legislation and it is paramount that we complete the work in a way that does not jeopardise any civil or criminal proceedings that may arise from our investigations.

In addition to the salient points, it is highly likely that we will ask you for the following information:

• Names and addresses of the subject and any other relevant third parties
• Recent photograph - this is helpful but not essential
• Vehicle details
• Daily routine
• Place of work and job title

What happens Next?

Understanding your objective and what it is you want to achieve is pivotal to success.

Once we have discussed the case with you, and gathered all of the necessary information, we will develop a detailed investigation plan and present you with a cost effective strategy that we feel is best suited to your circumstances.

You can be assured that once you instruct us, we will use the most-up-to-date technologies available, alongside highly trained operators using a combination of cars, vans and motorcycles to impose effective covert surveillance on the subject.

Each case is not without its own set of unique challenges, which we will identify and plan for from the outset. We will look options including, but not limited to:

• The number of operators required.
• Female operators - if specifically requested.
• GPS Vehicle Tracking.
• Other technical surveillance and specialist equipment.

The irrefutable evidence that we provide will corroborate your suspicions, providing you with detailed information about the subjects activities, movements, whereabouts and behaviours, including who they meet, where they meet, what they are doing, how long they're there for and any other pertinent information that is relevant.

Once the investigation is complete, you will receive a detailed investigation report, complete with surveillance logs and irrefutable date- and time-stamped photographic and/or video evidence that is admissible in court.

All of our covert surveillance services are conducted by professional, highly skilled investigators who work within the parameters of the law and to strict codes of conduct. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

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