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Knowledge is power... but not in the hands of your competitors.

In today's business environment, a company's long-term success relies on staying one step ahead of the competition. Keeping sensitive information confidential is paramount.

While it is easy to believe that corporate espionage affects only the large entities or banks, it is happening right now in thousands of SMEs across the U.K.

Corporate espionage is an attempt by individuals, acting alone or on behalf of other organisations, to obtain information, whether it's secret, confidential or personal data, with the intention of stealing it for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage and profiting from it.

The target information is usually one or more of:

• Financial information
• Supplier information
• Trade secrets
• Client databases
• Marketing strategies
• Employee information

Some of the main tactics used to obtain information include:

• Theft - an employee blatantly steals information.
• Eavesdropping - planting covert listening devices in key strategic locations (boardroom, CEO's office) to elicit company secrets.
• Bribery - the offer of money to gain information.
• Job interviews - a competitor attends a job interview with the intention of eliciting secret information.
• Computers - copied files or databases onto a USB drive and passed to a competitor, or for personal use, i.e. setting up in the same business.
• Blackmail - using threats to extort sensitive information.
• Seduction - attempts to gain information through sexual innuendos or advancement.

How can we help?

It is vital for any business to protect their intellectual property and confidential information from rogue employees, stakeholders, trusted insiders and any other third party that may wish to gain an unfair advantage.

If you believe your organisation's information is at risk, we will discuss with you - in the strict confidence - in detail your suspicions, establish what specific information is at risk and who may want it and why.

Our expert investigator will carefully examine all the information provided and will present you with a cost-effective strategy that is best suited to your circumstances.

We will ensure you are aware of the methodologies and techniques used in corporate espionage and we will conduct a risk assessment to identify current threats and vulnerabilities facing your organisation.

We will also conduct an impact assessment with the intention of mitigating the potential for corporate espionage occurring.

A risk assessment will take into consideration:

• The threats and risks
• Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
• Motivating factors - (MICE) Money, Ideology, Coercion, Ego
• Espionage techniques
• Physical security measures - Security Survey
• Legitimate monitoring of your employee's activity through tested software applications
• The introduction of secure laptops, especially for senior directors, i.e. restricted to white sites, no use of memory sticks and email monitoring
• Security policy implementation - detailing employee-monitoring techniques
• Awareness training - tailored to preventative measures
• GDPR & IT policies and procedures to reduce likelihood of hacking
• Penetration testing
• Hiring policies and background checks to avoid bad hires
• People management - Starters, Leavers and Movers (SLAM)

These will also help to develop the right policies and procedures, removing the opportunity whilst also aligning accountability.

All investigations are conducted by our highly skilled, professional investigators within the strict parameters of the law. We also operate to a strict code of conduct. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

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