Locus Inspection - RTC

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Locus Inspection - RTC

In the U.K today road traffic accidents (RTA's) are referred to as road traffic collisions (RTC's).

We work with solicitors, insurance firms and individuals to gather evidence when a road traffic collision (RTC) has occurred. Establishing liability for road traffic collisions (RTCs) is not always straightforward and our expert investigators can help you to support - or disprove - a claim.

How can we help?

We provide a range of services, based on your needs, from a locus plan or photographs of the locus up to a full collision investigative service detailing the circumstances and causation of an RTC.

We will also include evidence in support of the person being represented as to whether or not the evidence will 'not', 'not fully' or 'fully' support them in their claim.

We always look to visit the locus on the same day and time the RTC occurred. This enables our experts to conduct observations to get an accurate account of the traffic flow, pedestrian behaviour and any other potentially mitigating circumstances.

Our reports are professionally presented and are suitable for court. Unless otherwise directed at the instruction stage, reports will include:

A General Overview

With a brief explanation of the incident, highlighting major information only to give a clear indication of who was involved and how the incident occurred.

Attending the Locus Analysis

Enabling the recipient to visualise the site of the accident and what occurred from the information given.

A detailed plan of the Locus

Providing as clear a picture as possible of the collision site. It will include:

• A clear, uncomplicated diagram of the Locus.
• An indication of the direction in which each vehicle was travelling.
• An indication of the final positions of the vehicles involved.
• Measurements of roads, footpaths and diagnostics, such as road materials, signage etc.
• Numbered photo positions - including measurements.
• An Ordnance Survey map of the site will also be provided.

Photographic images/photo list and photo analysis

Each photo will clearly state where the picture was taken, what of, and, if relevant, the direction it faces, and the perspective it was taken from, eg, the driver's view, or what it shows, e.g. give way road markings or road signs.

Photographs will be clear and as true a representation as possible, numbered to correspond with the photo list.

Statement analysis

Providing the salient points of witness testimony, which help to establish the facts and liability.


The findings of the investigation and if the evidence in support of the person being represented (or not) clearly indicating whether the evidence will 'not', 'not fully' or 'fully' support the person being represented, and will include:

• If vehicle damage and/or injuries are consistent with and correspond to the evidence.
• Any quotes from statements to support the consistencies, followed by clear explanations (point by point) of how physical and/or photographic evidence can support these quotes.

Any other Relevant Information (AORI), to indicate unquestionable supporting evidence based on fact, including:

• Vehicle damage reports
• Slide to stop calculations
• Distance travelled calculations
• Medical reports.

All investigations are conducted by highly skilled, professional investigators who operate within the parameters of the law and to strict codes of conduct. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

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