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Do you suspect you're being bugged?

There are unlimited reasons why your conversation might be valuable to a third party. For the eavesdropper, the justification for monitoring and listening into your conversations or watching you covertly differs, it might be because:

• A spouse or partner suspects that you are having an affair.
• A competitor or confidant wants to know your plans about a business merger, acquisition or the sale of your business.
• Criminals are trying to blackmail you, maybe you have been set up and someone is using sextortion to elicit cash from you.
• Maybe you've been stalked previously, or you believe it's happening now.
• Your spouse or partner is one step ahead of you all the time - how could he know about that conversation with your best friend?
• Has someone let something slip, that you know was said in absolute confidence with a trusted confidant?

How can someone listen to my conversations?

Covert cameras and listening devices are relatively easy to obtain, the eavesdropper can covertly place a BUG or a camera into a concealed area for the sole purpose of listening - and/or visually recording a conversation at a specific date and time, or several conversations or meetings over a period without your knowledge.

Your office, your home, your car, your mobile phone or laptop can be bugged. So... "What is a bug?"

GSM bugs

GSM bugs are probably the most widely used as they can be disguised as everyday functional items, such as such as a clock, a computer mouse, USB, extension lead or a socket extension, an air freshener or your DVD player hiding in plain sight.

GSM bugs work the same way as a mobile phone, allowing the eavesdropper to dial in and listen to a conversation from anywhere in the world. A GSM bug can be installed without having any technical knowledge.

Voice Activated Listening - Recording Device

These devices work and appear in a similar way to the GSM bugs. The main difference is that they are strategically hidden for a pre-planned period of time and then later retrieved. Used with a mini SD card, these can record many hours of conversation, either by selecting continuous record or voice activation, producing excellent results.


A wiretap, or a phone tap, is a device that is connected to a telephone system, allowing the eavesdropper to intercept telephone conversations. A phone tap usually works when a call is taking place, although with a little technical knowledge, modifications can be made to the handset to ensures the microphone remains connected.

RF Transmitter bugs

RF Transmitter bugs can be concealed pretty much anywhere. They can be very small and transmit on the commercial FM band or the VHF air band. The lower end RF bugs do not need any dedicated receiving (receivers) equipment, but more technical transmitters do.

Mobile phones

A mobile phone can be used as a listening device, spyware can be installed allowing the eavesdropper to call the target device and listen to your private conversation in the office, your home, in the car or anywhere else. The list is endless.

Other devices do not have a standard mobile phone capability, this means they cannot be used as a normal phone. It gives the impression that the device doesn't work, but calling it will open a microphone, allowing you to listen to what is being said in the immediate vicinity.

How we can help?

First things first, if you believe your home, office, car or mobile is bugged it is important to contact us from a safe location using a safe means of communication to protect yourself from the eavesdropper.

Our investigators are highly trained professionals and we are experts at listening respectfully. We will work with you to understand why you believe you require a bug sweep, what information you think is at risk, why you think it is at risk and your suspicions about who may want it, as well as any concerns you may have about your personal safety.

We will attend your business premises or your home and conduct a detailed physical and electronic search of the area suspected of being bugged, including any devices such as laptops and phones and if necessary, your car.

Our skilled TSCM operator will identify and remove 'electronic bugs' and we'll also try to identify who is most likely to have placed it there.

Following a successful TSCM search, we can provide you with Counter Corporate Espionage awareness training, allowing you to implement appropriate best practice to avoid reoccurrence.

All of our investigations are conducted by professional, highly skilled investigators who operate within the parameters of the law and to strict codes of conduct. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

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