Interviewing & Statement Taking

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Interviewing - Statement Taking

Take a moment to consider the consequences of an investigation that is completely mismanaged due to a lack of investigative knowledge, discrimination, bias or non-adherence to company policies and procedures.

You will already know as an employer that you are obliged to conduct investigations fairly and transparently.

Should you fail to follow the correct procedures and it gets as far as an employment tribunal, a Judge may conclude that an 'Unfair Dismissal' has occurred, irrespective of whether or not the employee has acted deliberately and intentionally, and the dismissal was justified on the basis of facts.

Interviewing a suspect or a witness is a skill: this is probably the one and only opportunity to elicit as much information about an incident as possible. It can be a daunting prospect if you do not have the right expertise at hand.

One of the benefits of appointing a trusted partner to conduct your internal investigations is that you can concentrate on doing what you do best: running your business.

How can we help?

We are experts in obtaining a "formal account of facts" in a witness statement through effective interviewing techniques.

We provide a range of services, based on your needs, from the preparation and execution of investigative interviews based on the evidence provided by you up to a full theft and fraud investigation service.

If you have suspicions or evidence that a theft, fraud or other dishonesty is currently taking place within your organisation, but you aren't quite sure how to deal with it, get in touch without delay.

We will be able to quickly understand whether the investigation requires a proactive or reactive response. Your suspicions may have been prompted by a single event or several, an example may include:

• You suspect an employee is engaged in theft or fraud based on their behaviours, coincidences and unexplained loss.
• You receive a 'Tip off' from an employee who suspects a colleague of theft.
• A compliance check or an audit uncover losses and it points to a certain individual.
• An employee reports he has witnessed an incident of theft by a colleague, and it is captured on CCTV.
• An employee makes an allegation against another, i.e. a grievance.

Whatever the circumstances, you can be confident that we will obtain the truth through the application of covert and overt investigation techniques, followed up by conducting investigative interviews in line with your internal policies and procedures.

We have extensive experience using the WZ non-confrontational interviewing techniques, including the selective interview technique.

Preparing for the Interview

• We will plan the interview meticulously, including preparing the right questions.
• Conduct the interview in line with the PEACE model.
• We'll ask the right questions at the right time in a manner that elicits a truthful response.
• We listen carefully, offering reinforcement to the interviewee that encourages and develops the conversation, thus ensuring we have a detailed account of exactly what happened.
• All witness statements will be signed by the witness incorporating a statement of truth.
• Witness statements will be prepared and presented in a professional format and will be admissible in court.

All of our investigations are conducted by highly skilled, professional investigators who work within the parameters of the law and to strict codes of conduct. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

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