Cohabiting Investigation

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Cohabiting Investigation.

Cohabiting is perfectly normal, but what if your relationship has broken down and you are currently in the process of filing for a divorce or are struggling to agree child maintenance arrangements?

We know that any break up or divorce, no matter how accommodating each partner may be, is financially stressful. But fast forward a few months and you could find that your former partner or spouse has moved in with someone new. Maybe you have heard rumours via mutual friends or maybe even the children have inadvertently let something slip.

If you believe your former partner or spouse is in breach of a divorce or a cohabiting agreement, you have grounds for requesting that payments are adjusted to reflect their new living arrangements.

This is easier said than done: you need evidence to be successful, evidence that can be obtained through our covert surveillance services.

You might also be worried that the new partner of your former spouse has a troubled history and may well be a danger to the children. If you have applied for a Prohibited Steps Order or a Child Arrangement Order, this will offer some much-needed protection.

But what if you believe the court orders are being flagrantly disregarded? You need evidence to strengthen your case, and you need it quickly.

How can we help?

We understand that talking to an investigator can be an uncomfortable experience. Sharing your suspicions is difficult, but we are experts at listening respectfully and we will guide you through the process carefully.

Be assured, our primary aim is to put you at your ease and we are committed to speaking to you in a sensitive and sympathetic manner.

Once we have assessed the details of your case, we will present you with a cost-effective strategy that is best suited to your specific circumstances. Every case is different, so the dynamics and scope of the investigation will be discussed and authorised by you before we start any work.

A comprehensive Background Check on your former partner's new partner - will go a long way in providing you with that all important peace of mind.

It is highly likely that we will impose our Covert Surveillance Services on the property, former spouse and/or their new partner because the court must be satisfied that your former spouse or partner is cohabiting.

To prove cohabiting we would need to demonstrate that the subject is residing at the new address continuously over a period of at least two weeks, identifying daily routines such as leaving for and returning to the property from work.

Where a court order has been issued and is in effect, we can also impose surveillance to verify compliance. If the court order is breached, we will have obtained irrefutable evidence that you could present to the court.

All evidence that we collate will be presented in a detailed investigation report containing irrefutable date- and time-stamped photographic and/or video evidence that is admissible in court.

All of our covert surveillance services are conducted by professional, highly skilled investigators who work within the parameters of the law and to strict codes of conduct. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

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