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Process Serving

If you are looking for a professional, reliable and cost-effective process server, look no further than Pax Animi Investigation Services. Available 24/7, we provide a first-class, professional service, providing you with that all important peace of mind.

Why Choose us?

We are proud members of the Association of British Investigators (ABI) and we maintain the highest professional standards and codes of conduct.

As an agency with national coverage, we have access to a professional network of process servers across the U.K. who are ready to serve at even the shortest notice - day or night.

Flexibility is key and we offer a fixed-fee service of £90:00 + VAT, for same-day service and, if required, we can provide you with an express service. If you have volume work, then we are happy to discuss bespoke terms that meet your requirements.

Documents we serve?

We can effectively serve a variety of legal documents on your behalf; including those listed below.

Child Arrangement Order
Prohibited Steps Order
Specific Issue Order
Non Molestation Order
Statutory Demand Company
Winding up Petition
Statutory Demand Individual
Bankruptcy Petition
Occupation Order
Possession Order
N39 Order to Attend Court
N63 Statement of Means
N79a Suspended Committal Order
N84 Interim Third Party Debt Order
Witness Summons
Freezing Order
Divorce Petition
Lease Notice
Monetary Claim

How can we help?

We know that you know that process servers play an especially important part within the legal process, upholding the due process of law. Using a process server will avoid drawn out legal proceedings.

If the person you are trying to serve has gone away, we can also provide you with a Debtor Trace service, locating a debtor will allow you to be able to serve legal documents in a timely fashion.

Furthermore, we have also previously been asked to impose our Covert Surveillance Services on a subject to confirm residency, usually required as the subject is deliberately evasive and does not want to be found, identifying the whereabouts of an evasive subject allows us to carry out effective service for our clients.

How it works

Once we have received your instruction and accompanying legal documents, we aim to effect personal service within 72 hours, the first attempt being with 24 hours, unless you have specified same day or express service.

We will attempt to serve any known address three times, at least one of which will be made outside normal working hours, increasing the likelihood of effecting personal service.

You can be confident that effective service is completed in line with the Civil Procedure Rules.

We will keep lines of communication with you open throughout, and ensure that once effective personal service is achieved, you are notified immediately. We will then complete the appropriate statement of service or affidavit to the highest standards and return it to you promptly.

If personal service cannot be achieved, because the subject is evasive or their current address is not known, despite extensive enquiries, we will provide you with a detailed statement outlining the steps we have undertaken and explain why personal service cannot be achieved. This will enable you to make an application for substituted service.

All process serving is conducted by a highly skilled process servers within the strict parameters of the law and we work to strict codes of professional conduct. Rest assured: you are in safe hands.

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