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Private Services

Private Investigation Services

Not sure if a Private Investigator could help you? You might be surprised.

Our work helps myriad people: those whose relationships have broken down, victims of stalking or catfishing, and those who suspect their spouse is hiding valuable assets during divorce proceedings.

You might be worried about the security in your property, want us to investigate someone's background, or you may believe your partner is cheating.

Perhaps your car or home is being bugged or you're worried about the new partner of a friend, relation or former partner. What if you are the victim of a scam or fraud?

And what can you do if you suspect that your children are being neglected or worse in your ex's home, what if you suspect a court order is breached by a former partner?

Whatever your problem, our expert investigators can help you.

Even if you have reported incidents to the police and they say that they are unable to do anything because it's a civil matter - or that you don't have any evidence to corroborate your suspicions - don't lose any more sleep over it: we are here to help.

We're confident that whatever adversity you are facing, we can gather the irrefutable evidence you need to be able to initiate legal proceedings.

We are here to put you back into a position of strength.

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Cheating Partner Investigation


Child Custody Investigation


Child Maintenance Investigation


Cohabiting Investigation


Mobile Number Tracing


Neighbour Dispute Investigation


Anti Stalking - Harassment Investigation


Background Check Investigation


Laptop - Mobile Data Recovery


Online Catfish Investigation


Home Security Assessment


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