Neighbour Dispute Investigation

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Neighbour dispute Investigation

Everyone has the right to live in peace, without fear of intimidation from a disruptive neighbour. However, for some, disagreements arise and these can escalate into something more serious. Neighbour disputes can often be attributed to one or more of the following behaviours:

Have you been aggressively accused of one or more of the following?

• Blocking access to your neighbour's property on a regular basis?
• Parking immediately outside your neighbour's property after multiple requests not to?
• Has your neighbour complained about a tree in your garden that is hanging over their property?
• You are tired of anti-social behaviour, loud music, unpleasant odours, or unnecessary rubbish building up in their garden?
• Have your complaints been met with aggression that has escalated against you?
• A neighbour is responsible for stealing items from your garden, deliberately damaging plants, fences or garden furniture?
• Is the height of your neighbour's fence or privet too high?
• Is your neighbour encroaching on your boundary, or vice versa?
• Is your neighbour engaging constantly in activity such as vehicle repairs outside your property?
• Is your neighbour's overt CCTV camera is pointing intrusively into your property?

Confrontation with an aggressive neighbour can be intimidating and frightening - don't live in fear, do something about it today.

How can we help?

We understand that talking to an investigator can be an uncomfortable experience, but be assured that our investigators are highly experienced and we will guide you through the process carefully.

Every case is different, and the dynamics and scope of the investigation will be discussed and authorised by you prior to us continuing with your instruction.

Once we have heard your case and gathered all the relevant facts, we will inform you how best we can conduct the investigation. However before we embark on any enquiry, we would recommend that you approach your neighbour informally to see if the dispute can be settled.

If an agreement cannot be reached and the matter has escalated to the point where your neighbour's actions are now becoming intolerable, we can help.

We will present you with a cost-effective strategy that best suits your circumstances, but it is highly likely that we will impose our Covert Surveillance Services on your property and that of the offending neighbour, especially when you are away from your property, i.e. you are out and your property is empty.

Criminal damage or theft is more likely to take place when you are not at home.

We can also assist you in the selection and set up of covert camera systems to capture any activity on your property, front or rear. We will advise you on your legal obligations regarding CCTV, ensuring that you remain compliant with the law.

It is vital that you try to remain calm and exercise restraint at all times because your conduct must be impeccable throughout the investigation. When we have completed our investigation and have gathered a body of evidence, we will provide you with a detailed investigation report containing irrefutable date- and time-stamped photographic and/or video evidence that is admissible in court. Our investigator will also attend court if necessary.

The report will include irrefutable evidence regarding the activities, actions and behaviours of the accused neighbour. The evidence we produce will put you back into a position of strength, allowing you to:

• Inform the police, provide admissible evidence and seek a prosecution.
• Instruct your legal team to initiate proceedings.
• Consider taking out an injunction against your neighbour.
• Inform the local authority, requesting the eviction of the nuisance neighbour.

All of our covert surveillance services are conducted by highly skilled, professional investigators who operate within the parameters of the law and to strict codes of conduct. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

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