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Covert Surveillance Services

If you are looking for covert surveillance services, you've come to the right place.

Covert surveillance can be described as the careful and continuous watching or listening of people, places, vehicles or objects, to gather information that can be later used as evidence in criminal and/or civil proceedings, or simply to provide you with peace of mind and/or closure.

Quite often your train of thought can be daunting, and you are most probably thinking... "Can I impose surveillance on another person?" And "Is surveillance legal?"

The answer is simple... Covert directed surveillance is completely legal so long as you can demonstrate you lawful basis for doing so, we will establish your lawful basis (usually your legitimate interest) during your free consultation.

At this point you can be comfortable and confident that you can instruct us to obtain the irrefutable evidence you need to be able to put yourself back in control and back into a position of strength!

Our covert surveillance services are diverse and are categorised below:

Commercial Surveillance - Employee related.
Private surveillance - Family related.
Legal Surveillance - Litigation Support related.
GPS Vehicle Tracking - Realtime monitoring.
Counter Surveillance - Are you being watched?
CROP Surveillance - Rural related.
Covert camera Installation - Comprehensive and for commercial, private and legal purposes.
Suspected Fraudulent Injury surveillance - Employee Liability and Public Liability Cases.
Bug Sweep - Do you believe your Home or Workplace is bugged?

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