Physical Security Survey

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Physical Security Survey

All too often, a business will implement a security survey after an incident has occurred that has resulted in some sort of loss, or they have been directed to do so by their insurers.

Act before it is too late: a security survey will sit within your wider Profit Protection Strategy.

You need to consider how you are going to protect your assets - premises, people, property, plant, stock, cash, I.P, data and of course reputation - effectively and in as cost effective and simple way as possible whilst achieving the best results.

Having adequate physical security measures in place should not be underestimated. Effective physical security is about implementing barriers without compromising the fabric of the building or your standards of service.

There is no such thing as 100% security. However, by being proactive you can ensure you have the right strategy in place that will help to minimise loss should an incident occur.

How can we help?

Our physical security survey will incorporate a critical on-site examination and analysis of any building or facility to ascertain the current security status, identify any vulnerabilities, determine the protection required and make the necessary recommendations to improve your overall physical security.

We will discuss with you your requirements and understand what it is you want to achieve, specifically, identifying the assets that you want to protect. We will agree the context and scope of the survey and upon receiving your instruction we will set out to complete the survey without delay.

Whether this a single facility such as a Distribution Centre or a portfolio of sites, our comprehensive security survey complete with recommendations will provide you with that all important peace of mind and will include:

A Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

We will focus on the external and internal threats facing your organisation today, understanding exactly what they are and their ability to cause harm to your assets.

We will identify the vulnerabilities, i.e. the weaknesses in your security systems, whilst demonstrating how a breach could be carried out and the effectiveness of the current control measures in place.

We'll also provide you with specific crime statistics in the area where your business is operating, giving you priceless local intelligence that can be acted upon.

An impact assessment

Understanding the likelihood and the impact of a experiencing a security breach within your organisation, i.e. financial loss, personal injury, structural damage, reputational etc.

Risk Assessment

We will provide you with a comprehensive risk assessment or schedule of risks that will identify and include the necessary control measures required to mitigate the risks identified.

Your Security Survey will be produced in an easy to read report format, complete with recommends and easily referenced with photographic images where applicable.

Our Security Surveys are conducted by suitably qualified personnel adhering to a strict code of conduct, rest assured, you are in safe hands.

We can also provide you with a security audit service, this will allow us to measure how effective your current security management system is.

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