Personal Injury Surveillance

Personal Injury Surveillance

Fraud is not a victimless crime - we all pay for it. In 2017, the Association of British Insurers revealed that the amount of fraud - a combination of liability, motor and property fraud - detected in 2017 amounted to £1.28 billion,.

Personal injury fraud affects us all. - whiplash claims alone cost the UK £1billion a year - and submitting a claim for a loss based on misleading or untruthful circumstances, including exaggerating a genuine claim, or being misleading or untruthful in dealings with an insurer is an offence that can attract a custodial sentence.

Obviously, people do sustain injuries in accidents - these can include:

• Involvement in a Road Traffic Collision (RTC).
• Involvement in an Accident at Work. (AAW)
• Highway slips, trips and falls.
• Other incidents resulting in slips, trips and falls whilst visiting retail stores, restaurants, theme parks or other recreational activity.

But what if you suspect that someone has exaggerated their claim or falsified an injury, for financial gain?

How can we help?

Pax Animi Investigation Services is a member of the Association of British Investigators, which is endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales, giving you the confidence that our investigators and any third party employed by us are ICO compliant and are present on the Register of Data Controllers.

We will never use any third party operator that does not conform to the highest standards. These cast-iron guarantees safeguard your professional reputation, as well as ours.

We will then provide you with an investigation plan, outlining the strategy we intend to utilise to meet your requirements. This will include the number of operators required. Each case brings with it its own unique set of challenges that we identify and plan for from the outset.

Once you instruct us, we will conduct pre-surveillance enquiries using open source intelligence techniques and publicly available data sources, to confirm the correct residency of the subject in question.

We will impose surveillance on the subject in line with your strict instructions and industry best practice techniques, and will always apply acceptable filming practices. We NEVER apply selective filming methods. Our highly trained investigators use the most up-to-date technologies available to carry out covert surveillance.

Where our investigation corroborates your suspicions of suspected personal injury fraud, we will provide you with irrefutable evidence that details a subject's activities, movements, whereabouts and behaviours, including who they meet, where they meet, what they are doing, how long they're there for and any other information that is relevant to the case.

Our comprehensive investigation report will include surveillance logs and irrefutable date- and time-stamped video and/or photographic evidence of the subject during their daily routines.

Crucially, we will provide working copies of the evidence obtained and we will retain the original (Gold) media should it be required in court. We can also attend court, if required.

All of our investigations are conducted by professional, highly skilled investigators within the parameters of the law and to strict codes of conduct. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

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